Urgent prayer request Through the intercession of Venerable GB Pardal Baltasar Vidal

Friends of Don Baltasar: through the Postulator of the Cause of Canonization of our beloved Founder, I refer the request an urgent prayer request for a sick child named Julen to be involved in something serious next Monday.

Bishop Francis J. Froján writes: "Please put in motion a chain of prayer, by e-mail, that
through the intercession of Don Baltasar be cured. Tell all the devotees to pray intensely for Julen, .... We must pray much all this weekend. Send today to all the contacts you have, including Filipinos, Americans, and all the parts of the world, ... We pray a lot. Don Baltasar never left a child in need... "

As you see, the Postulator of the Cause of Don Baltasar, urges putting our prayer as our Father Baltasar Intercessor. Let's get to work and may the Lord grant us through the Venerable-Baltasar-healing one of the "friends dear to Jesus, Don Baltasar".

Thank you all because I know that you join us in this prayer. "Unity is strength". Pray, then, together with faith!